Cuma, Eylül 05, 2008

just for you

the less people understand me, the much more you understand me. there's always been an unseen bridge between us despite the thousands kilometer-way. and without seeing my face physically, you've seen me suffering in your dreams. i felt, you felt. we've written, we've replied. some day we never heard of each other but felt the way the other felt and this kept us tranquil. it has always been completely difficult to describe the telepathy between us so i can't find the correct words. but this is only written for the sake of your innocent friendship as you wanted, anyhow you can feel it and i prefer the holy day for this :)

now years have passed and you've became a big guy, haven't you? :) this is the forth birthday we celebrated together and i hope it won't be the last one. and here, i found something you wrote for me and it made me smile again. I'd like to end my post with it and my favourite photo of you haha, thanks again. wish you better days of happiness..freedom survives..

She hovers through the heavy air,
Bloody dew crown decaying meadows,
Meadows unwithered laying inert,
Barely seen by twilight dim.

So heavy air ensnares the field,
But dissipates around her shield,
A shield of darkness and distress.

She makes no sound,
Moving herself slowly,
Within the old frozen oaks,
Like a deadly dance that break even the hardest rocks.

The chaos set a realm around her,
The shadows blend in remorse,
Mankind cry cause they know the time has arrived,
The time of a red awake,
The time of a new obscure dawn.

A woman which no man would dare to behold forevermore... Princess of the Dark Lands.

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magnum opus dedi ki...

sen git teee perudan seni anlayan bir adam bul, sonra onula chatleş :) sonra ilginç bir doğum günü kutlama yöntemi bul. tabi yurt dışına kargo biraz tuzlu...

woundheir dedi ki...

onun kadar yaratıcı olmak isterdim :)

magnum opus dedi ki...

onunla aynı kulvarda olmasa bile başka bir alanda onun kadar yetenekli olabilrsin.

woundheir dedi ki...

ben de o kulvarın nerede olduğunu merak ediyorum fakat bulmakta hayli geciktim sanki...

magnum opus dedi ki...

geçiktiğini düşünmene üzüldüm. her zaman yeni yönlerimizi keşfetmeye zaman olduğuna inanırım.